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GREEN DESIGN – Why “High Performance” building design?

For a healthier – and yes, happier – home – and work – environment.

Fact: performance optimized buildings ARE better: occupants report greater well-being, maintenance costs are dramatically lower, and market value is higher than conventional buildings.

The nuts and bolts of “better”? – renewable and non-toxic materials, efficient energy systems and appliances, conscientious assembly, installation and disposal practices – and more.

It requires a specialized design process – tailored to proven sustainability standards:

The green performance planning basics:

  • Siting – toward optimized development density, community connectivity, and solar access
  • Development Controls – construction pollution and waste prevention; open space and community links; alternative transportation planning; heat island and light pollution reduction
  • Water Efficiency – in the household and landscape, rainwater capture and use
  • Energy Systems Performance – HVAC efficiency, incorporated green power options – solar photovoltaic (PV), hydro, fuel cells
  • Materials and Resources Management – building re-use, materials salvage, recycled content, rapid renewables, local sourcing
  • Indoor Air Quality – pollutant control; lighting and thermal comfort and efficiency
  • Passive Solar Heating and Daylighting – mass, strategic glazing
  • EnergyStar appliances and LED lighting

Where to begin? – call us for a preliminary on-site Design consultation.

Topics we will cover on a first walk-through of your property:

  • your project idea, location and scope
  • your architectural style
  • lifestyle matters affecting design/floor plan
  • sustainability goals – basic to GreenBuild/ LEED / Passiv Haus standards
  • your construction budget
  • project timetable
  • planning process and cost

On-site consultation fee: $125/hour, 2 hour minimum.

A sampling of our Design-Planning projects – and 3-D CAD modeling – by UrbanEcos lead designer Erica Enyart and associate designer Lloyd Brown:

Project launch – the Design Contract:

We use an AIA based design contract – for process clarity and accountability – specifies pre-planning HOA administration (subdivision covenants or other neighborhood architectural authority handling), revisions, permitting and corrections process, drawing sequence and payment schedule.

The planning documents required for Building Permit application – the construction drawings – and any further specifications/schedules ordered by the Owners – are specified in the Design Contract.

A typical building plan set will include at least these basic drawings:
Site / Floor Plan(s)/ Electrical and Plumbing lay-out / Roof / Foundation / Wall Section(s).

Further details can be generated upon Project Owner request: Window and Door Schedules, cabinetry elevations, hardware and appliance schedules, finishes, fixtures.

Landscape Planning – yes we do – because the art of good living encompasses the outdoors.

Need help for the Build phase of your project?

We offer Project Management services:

  • Contractor Invitations to Bid
  • Contract/Bid review
  • progress inspections
  • informal mediations

Fees on percent-of-project-cost basis – or a-la-carte (per hour).