Steven Steenrod - Albuquerque, NM “When I determined to pursue my dream of adding a 16’X24′ sun room between my 70-year-old pueblo style home and matching detached two-car garage near UNM, I contacted Erica Enyart (then of Entrada Builders) to seek her professional help with the engineering and esthetic design as well as the general contracting for the construction.  After a few months of back and forth on the details, she came up with a very fine plan to include a ten foot square in- ground hot tub. Construction began the following Spring and took about three months throughout which Erica oversaw every aspect of the project which included several sub- contractors.  All went smoothly and, when completed, I had a beautiful new addition which I’m certain has increased the overall value of my home as much or more than the actual construction costs.  I use the room frequently, especially the very relaxing hot tub, on a regular and year-round basis. More recently, when I felt it necessary to replace the original bronze-tinted polycarbonate roof panels which had gradually deteriorated due to many years of exposure to the elements – daily exposure to strong UV rays, repeated heating/ cooling on a daily and seasonal basis as well as occasional pummeling by hail stones which punched small holes in the increasingly brittle upper layer of those panels – I called Erica again for her evaluation of the effort and recommendations for new materials as well as a reliable contractor capable of doing the job.  Within a couple of weeks, she had found the ideal combination of newer and much- improved Polygal panels and specialized mounting system, as well as a very capable installer. When the materials arrived, the contractor got busy and had the job done in about four days of work.  I’m very pleased with the upgrade and would bet it will hold up far better than the lesser panels which were available originally. Erica has been very helpful over the life of this project and her wise and helpful counsel on all aspects are much appreciated. I’d recommend her for any similar or even different varieties of design and construction as she is very knowledgeable and skilled in the design/engineering realm!” Nancy Stone - Mountainair, NM “Erica is a delight to work with. She listens closely to your wants and your needs and then she executes with originality and a unique sense of style. She also adds benefits that you may not have thought of like storage, windows, passive solar, creative space dividers, nooks and circulation ideas. My house is everything I wanted and more.  I could not be happier with my own space, and Erica made that happen. Thank you forever. Mike & Judi - Paradise Hills, Alb, NM “After living in it for a year, we can say that we are happy and satisfied with the results of the pool room and observatory project. Year round swimming is great. Even just sitting in the winter sunshine is delightful. The astronomical observatory is working out just fine. It very convenient, taking no more than 5 minutes to start-up or shutdown. We really appreciated your involvement in making this addition to our home.  From planning to completion your guidance and help never failed.” Harriette Tsosie - Bernalillo County NM I have a home in the South Valley that Erica Enyart not only designed and built but also lived in. I have been in this home for six years and enjoyed its many features, including: - low utility bills thanks to passive solar design, radiant heat and SIP panels; and well water; - easy access and simple traffic pattern (one story with no stairs or other obstacles); - light, bright space throughout due to clerestory windows and southern exposure; - low maintenance thanks to the stucco exterior, brick floors and a drip system for the yard; - flexibility.  Home can function as a duplex due to it’s layout with two master bedroom suites, two complete baths and shared living, dining and kitchen space.  A third room serves as my office but could also be a small bedroom because Erica thought to install a closet. - charm due to special features like custom sinks in the bathrooms, elegant space divisions between rooms (arched walls suggesting a division of function without enclosing space); - extra space.  A separate building, which Erica used as her shop, is now a studio/apartment I appreciate that the spaces in this home are flexible and functional yet have an elegant design.  I hope to live here many more years.”
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Entrada - interior south Stone house - Punta de Agua
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